Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Here is what our clients have to say:

I walked into my session with tightness in my chest and back pain. After an hour of Thai stretching here I felt UNBELIEVABLE. The tightness was released and I felt more correctly aligned and placed.

Deb Navarro

Coming to Stretch is my favorite part of my week. I struggle with knee and low back pain and between the stretching and the hot rolling stones I’m pain free.

-Chris Minnich

After my session I feel more energetic, had no lactic acid build up, muscles felt agile and I cannot wait till my next appointment.

-Jack Murphy

Everything the instructors have me do made my back pain feel 100% improved. You guys are all truly outstanding!

-Michelle Minnich

I’ve had literately tired everything from running to weights and nothing has toned and lengthened me like Pilates. I have only been going for two weeks now and already lost an inch off my hips and waist! I love the family atmosphere and am always welcomed with a friendly face at Stretch Pilates and Fitness! You could easily say I’m hooked!! You get a great workout and you’ll never believe how alive you feel after! I love this place.

Emily Fleming on Facebook

I like the vibe and all of the trainers. I always do a different exercise while there and I love it.

Melanie Mayne Seibel on Facebook

Love the instructors and atmosphere of this studio. They make Pilates fun while working your body to the fullest!Elizabeth Streng Duft on Facebook

After just 4 weeks I can feel the difference in my core. I can’t wait to see what I feel like after 3 months and 6 months and a year.Marc Adler on Facebook

Larissa and the entire staff at Stretch are outstanding! Totally hands on and always professional. They make everyone feel comfortable and at ease with their family atmosphere. Not to mention how great I feel after every workout!Marnie Lipsitz Grossberg on Facebook

Help with Back Pain

There is more to fitness than just equipment and a trainer. You can find those almost anywhere. Larissa has built Stretch to be a combination of fitness expertise, specialized tools and individualized programs set in a warm, relaxed, supportive environment geared to making fitness both enjoyable and effective. .

Pilates has been a miracle treatment for my herniated disc. After several cortisone epidurals, countless hours of physical therapy, hot/cold packs and numerous visits to the physiatrist and chiropractor provided no pain relief, I put my injury into Larissa’s very capable hands. In a few sessions, I had significantly increased flexibility and dramatically reduced pain both lasting for days.
I could not be happier with my progress. I could not be happier with the supportive and caring training style at Stretch. PT was cold, dispassionate and lacked personal commitment to my success. Larissa is there to instruct me, push me, encourage me and share in and praise my accomplishments.
Stretch is an environment for wellness, fitness and overall well being. I could not ask for more.

-Alan R.

Building Strength

Stretch Pilates helped me realize weight and aerobic training is only part of the equation to keep fit. Pilates builds strength with a youthful flexibility that I didn’t think possible as we age.

I love the individual attention Larissa gives to making my workouts challenging and appropriate. What a great feeling to have a strong body that can move with grace and agility!

-Kathy T.

“As a doctor of chiropractic, I really appreciate strength and proper posture.  I utilize Pilates at Stretch in order to stay healthy and strong. Pilates helps me fulfill my role in the community by allowing me to perform my very physical functions for long days serving my patients.”

-Dr. Lori Milanovich, Naturally Chiropractic

“I have a spinal chord injury, and have neglected my body for 5 years.  After just 4 half hour sessions at Stretch, I feel like a million bucks!”

-Chris H.

“Before Stretch, my husband would have to sit after five minutes of walking…now he is walking and playing golf more than ever…with no knee brace!”

-Dr. Usha Kaul, MD

“I haven’t had a pain-free knee in years.  I can’t believe how doing Pilates has changed everything.  I now am golfing weekly with no knee brace.”

-Dr. Bansi Kaul, MD

“Before you undertake any kind of body movement program, you should be evaluated by a chiropractor for bone issues, a masseuse for fascia soft tissue muscle issues, and then you go into a program like Pilates where the chiropractor and masseuse can communicate with Stretch, so that each compliments the other for a well rounded, holistic, fitness program”.

-Rosemary, 72 Physical Therapist

“I played competitive racquet ball for 45 years which resulted in bone on bone knees.  I started Pilates at 62 to prepare for completed knee replacements.  I was astonished at how quickly I was able to recover thanks to Pilates.  I was dancing at a wedding two months after my second knee replacement.  “Thank you Stretch!”

-Mike Mychaskiw, 68