Will I be sore?

Some people are, some aren’t.  Pilates is what you’re willing to put into it.  Soreness truly depends on your athleticism.  If you’ve been sedentary, you’re more likely to feel sore from muscles you have not worked in awhile…but being sore feels great!!

What should I wear?

Comfortable workout clothes.  We recommend clothing you can move freely in.  We work in socks or bare feet, so take your pick!

What is the cancellation policy?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  A client has the freedom to cancel with 24 hours notice before their session.  This way, we can fill that time slot.  If a cancellation is made within the 24 hour time frame, they will be charged the price of their session.

How will Pilates benefit me?

To  name a few, Pilates can help you lose inches (and weight, if a clean diet is in tact!), relieve back pain, build core strength, and tone your trouble spots.

How can beginners get the most benefit from Pilates?

Consistency is key.  Being consistent in your DIET as well as exercise, is where the results can be seen as soon as just a few weeks! Most people notice an increase of strength in their core after just a few sessions.  Pilates is very safe way to workout.  You can build and strengthen your physique without doing any damage to your body.  Our instructors are constantly correcting technique and body alignment to keep your workout safe and effective.

How often should I do Pilates?

Pilates is safe to do every day. A good goal to have is to do it every other day, to keep a consistent rhythm in your workout regimen.  Joseph Pilates recommended Pilates be done three times a week.