“I Stretched Every Day. Here’s What Happened.”

normalIn the May issue of Men’s Health, I found a very intriguing article entitled “I Stretched Every Day. Here’s What Happened”, written by Michael Easter.  This man did not like to stretch, but loved lifting heavy weights.  He thought of stretching as a waste of time and figured he would rather lift more than spend extra time to stretch out his body.  Eventually, he suffered a hip injury during a workout, and after visiting a physical therapist, he recommended stretching and mobility work for at least ten minutes every day.  Michael stuck with the stretching routine every day as a warm up before his workout, and incorporated stretches whenever he could whether it was free time at the office or during commercials while watching TV.  Stretching really made a huge difference in his life and within a month, any pain he has was completely gone, and he was able to move his body into positions he never thought imaginable.  The stretching effects also transferred into his weight lifting routine allowing him to lift more, and build more muscle.  Try stretching more often and see how it can help your body.