Sarah is currently a student at The University at Buffalo studying Theatre Performance. Acting, singing, and dance are a major part of Sarah’s background.  Her love and passion for fitness began at a young age. Sarah pays close attention to strengthening and lengthening lean muscles, and working to reduce fat and increase muscle mass. She does not focus strictly on the number on the scale.  She enjoys helping others through their weight loss journeys, as all clientele’s goals vary.

Sarah previously worked for JumpBunch Sports and Fitness, where she traveled to daycares and elementary schools, instilling the importance of physical fitness to young children.  Through Vitamin World, she received her certificate as a Nutritional Advisor.  She enjoys helping clientele with their meal plans and calorie intake, which is just as important as the workout itself.

Sarah completed her ZEN*GA Pilates certification through STOTT Pilates.  ZEN*GA is considered to be “the mindful movement”, a combination of yoga and Pilates, which focuses on flow of movement, breathing technique, and strengthening the fascia.

Outside of the studio, Sarah enjoys acting film work, directing and choreographing musicals, along with coaching cheerleading.  She is continuing to learn more about the body and is always finding ways to improve her workout regimen, aiming for the best possible results for herself and her clients.