Stability Ball Exercises Part 2

1.)  Push ups: Start in a plank position on the ball with the feet glued together and the hands a little more narrow than shoulder width distance with the chest over the hands. Slowly bend the elbows down and back to around 90 degrees, and press back to lengthen the arms keeping the torso in one straight line. Repeat for ten reps.  If you want to focus more on chest rather than triceps, do a set with the elbows flaring  out laterally towards the sides rather than tight in towards your rib cage.


2.) Reverse Plank: Start by bending both knees and placing the hands back on the ball behind you with fingertips facing toward your feet and keeping the shoulders over the wrists. One at a time, lengthen both legs out so that your feet are flat and your body is in one straight line with the chest lifting toward the ceiling and “peach under chin” positioning of your head.  Hold this position for thirty seconds. As an added challenge, remain in the reverse plank position and lift one straightened leg away from the ground an inch, then place it back down, switching from side to side holding for a breath.


3.) Single Leg Squat: With the ball out in front of you, place the right heel on the ball with the leg lengthened while you are standing on the left leg with it straight.  Keeping both hips squared forward and the body as upright as possible, bend the left knee and send the hips backwards, then lengthen the leg back to the starting position.  Make sure that when you bend the knee that it does not track forward over the toes and that the knee does not cave in or out too much.  Try to do ten on each side.  Keep in mind that this will most likely be a very small, controlled move.  To add in more work, try holding the last squat on each side for a count of ten seconds to really feel the burn.