COVID 19 Policy

Stretch’s Return to Work Policy Plan, Protocols, and Policies

Welcome back to the workplace!
During the COVID 19 crisis, Stretch Pilates team has shown tremendous teamwork, adaptability, and compassion for one another and our clients! We have kept in contact, remained dedicated, and supported one another! I am very proud of all of you! Now that we will be able to return to work in Phase 3 it is important that we have a Safety Plan in place with Protocols and Policies to keep each other and our clients safe and healthy!

Stretch Pilates’ goal is to ensure a safe and secure workspace and environment so that we can continue to serve our clients in the best way possible.


  1. Clients will wait to be called in for there appointment, or walk-in 5 minutes later as to not pass other clients on there way out.
  2. At the beginning (2 weeks or less) there will be no more than 2 Instructors and 2 clients in space. We will be teaching in separate rooms.
  3. The client will be wearing a mask and temperature will be taken at the door, hands sanitized.
  4. Cleaning stations all over the studio with hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, and alcohol spray available.
  5. The cleaning clothes, bleached floors, and vacuuming will be washed every day! Sage will also be used daily to clean the air-proven statistic!
  6. There will only be one instructor and client in Cadillac room, and one client on every other reformer. The Reformers will be X-d out.
  7. No more than 2 people at the front desk, and one instructor at the desk.
  8. All equipment is to be cleaned after every use with our alcohol solution.
  9. Limit the number of people gathering in the kitchen/break room.
  10. If you or your clients experience any symptoms associated with COVID-19 see CDC Guidelines. Let Larissa know immediately so that we can comply with all state requirements and guidelines related to Covid -19 symptoms.
  11. You will all receive a survey to fill out-mandatory before you come into work the next day. I will send you questions.
  12. Wash your hands often, and for 20 seconds.
  13. Make every effort to stay at least 6 feet apart when moving through the workplace.
  14. You must wear an appropriate mask if you are not 6 feet away. Mask will be provided for you. Masks will be worn entering and leaving the building.
  15. Masks must be clean and not shared.
  16. Please refrain from sharing food, beverages, and snacks.
  17. Speak with Larissa if you have any questions or concerns.


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