Friendship, Fitness & Fun at Stretch Pilates!

Stretch Pilates - Fun

The purpose of exercise is not only having a healthy, fit, body.  There is so much more to having a good fitness club that goes beyond health.  Statistics prove that when you have a social group at your gym or health club, you not only enjoy your workout, but you enjoy the company of friends and can look forward to catching up before, after, or during each workout.  Knowing that someone is always there waiting to see you and catch up, is wonderful incentive to get out the door and go have some fun.

All of us at some point in our lives have experienced the feeling of loneliness.  Changes of life have a huge affect on our morale.  Knowing that a regular exercise regime (whether is be squash, basketball, racquetball, Zumba, or any other team sport), there is something to be said about the quality in which the friendships can build and solidify themselves over time.  Not only does exercise help to boost endorphins, but it also calms your nervous system down, and a team allows you to be around people who love you and care about you.  This healthy camaraderie is a gift.  It is an easy fix that can help with the ups and downs of life…because everyone has them.   There is something so beautiful about community.  IDEA Fitness Journal says. “Ditch the workout, and join the party” when discussing Zumba.  “It’s not just a class, but an experience.”

Do not forget that socialization is just an important as having your regular “alone time.” Clearing your mind can be done just as easily by hanging around a group of fun people in a health club, than in a bar.

Remember there is no bad mood or bad day that laughter, stories, friendships and a little stretching can’t solve!