Detox With This One Simple Tip

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Detoxifying the body seems to be a recent trend now a days. Three day detox, ten day, twenty four day we’ve heard them all. What many of us don’t realize is that exercising helps detoxify and rid the body of accumulated wastes, toxins and poisons. On a daily basis we allow harmful chemicals and toxins into the body through our food (unhealthy, junk or dare we say fast food) and the air we breathe. Toxins are usually stored in the fat deposits of the body, areas we do not want any larger. By exercising you clean out all your internal organs and keep the blood circulating bringing nutrients to your organs and muscles. Most doctors recommend making detoxification becoming a lifestyle change rather than once a month. Ways to make that change would be exercising two to three times a week for at least thirty minutes, eating organic food, taking herbal supplements, and adding a lemon to your daily water bottle/cups of water. Lemon water is just like exercising a simple thing to help the body naturally detox. So cut the trend and make detoxification a lifestyle change! Get off the couch and get the body moving!