Beginners in fitness-Picking your poison

Let’s start by saying that the title is a joke and that your “poison” is the actual type of exercising you’ll be doing.  If you’re a beginner, most likely you won’t be super happy at first, so it would feel like a poison.  You might not know where to start, what to do, or how to do it properly.  

A lot of people tend to go the safe cardio route.  Maybe you run outside, or have an elliptical at home.  Maybe you finally got to the gym after paying for your membership for 6 months for the first time, but walk up to the treadmills.  If you’re brave you’ll try the stairmaster and realize that it’s just not for you because you’re so out of shape.  Here’s the thing-if you’re starting to exercise for the first time, be smart about it.  The fitness industry is huge for a reason.  There are trained professionals to help you do things the right way and to tell you what you need to do.  If you have any sort of limitations they will modify, modify, and modify things to fit just for YOU. 

This is where Pilates comes in.  There are beginner stages which are gentle on the body, but will move and stretch every muscle.  You will be so aware of every movement, of every muscle you are using and of how flexible you may or may not be.  When you use a reformer, someone will walk you through every exercise and will correct your form and you will be building lean muscle from the inside out.  There is nothing that can’t be worked on, and nothing you can’t make harder or easier.   Not only will you get stronger, your posture will improve significantly and you’ll feel better mentally.  It’s not just a workout, it’s stress relief.  Start here, find your comfort area, but also go out of it every now and then.  see what works for YOU.