Beat Seasonal Depression

We all hit that time of year here in Buffalo, New York where the 80 degree sunny days turn into blustery snow storms in a blink of an eye. In turn, this results in that “funk” people find themselves in. Seasonal depression is a real thing and we have a healthy fix that avoids drugs. The key here is EXERCISE!

We know that exercise has a physical benefits, but did you know it also provides psychological benefits as well? A recent study found that the effects of exercise lasts longer than those of antidepressants. Furthermore, people that continued on with an exercise program were less likely to relapse back into depression. The reason? Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins circulate throughout the body and reduce the perception of pain, boosts immunity and improves mood. Exercise also helps take your mind off any worries or negative thought you are feeling beforehand. Alongside the mental benefits, exercise has major health benefits which your body will thank you for. Long story short, even if you are stuck inside for winter, crank out some jumping jacks, dance around your kitchen, just get moving! There is no need to step outside to beat seasonal depression.