Sculpting Your Body Using Light Weights

People tend to associate building muscles with lifting heavier weights. However, researchers have found that working a muscle group to the point of fatigue with lighter weights can get you the same end result. In our Sculpt & Stretch format classes we are using this mentality to add an extra burn to your Pilates workout.


In our 55 minute group class we will target the entire body to leave you feeling toned. The class sizes are small so that you can receive one on one attention from our certified instructors. Even with the added weights, your workout is safe and controlled. Stretches are done throughout the class to ensure your muscles stay long and flexible. The exercises will vary from class to class, so you and your muscles don’t have a chance to get bored! Our group classes offer a positive setting where you can stay motivated and have fun!! So if you do not consider yourself the strongest man or woman on the planet, you can still get a butt-kicking workout using weights!