Pilates Will Get You Through the Homestretch of Winter

Here in Western New York, this is about the time the effects of the winter season start to feel pretty old – sometimes making US feeling pretty old.  The lack of mercury on the thermometer inspires us to curl up more than move about which can leave us stiff and achy.  Pilates is a great remedy for a laundry list of reasons, of course, but one of which was Pilates’ sentiment of “you are only as old as your spine”.  Moving your joints is essential to your overall mobility and there is no place else in our bodies with such a centralized collection of joints as our spine – so let’s get moving!

Whether it’s matwork, or the reformer, or other apparatus, our body’s responses to cold weather often restrict our movements, but Pilates coaxes and challenges our joints into the decompression that we’ve come to look forward to from a Pilates session.  Here are some others who feel similarly;

The Winter Joints Blues

Pilates Can Keep You Warm And Well This Winter

Thankfully, the benefits of doing Pilates in the winter translate into benefits of doing Pilates year-round, so there’s no better time to start or get back to your practice. Book your session now!