Quick & Easy Workout Right From Home

We all make up excuses to avoid working out. Not enough time in the day, it is too cold outside, blah blah blah. Us fitness instructors have heard it all. But what about when the weather is actually a factor and you can’t leave your house? Western New York is notorious for sunshine one minute then a detrimental blizzard the next. No worries though! We have some kick-ass exercises for every fitness level to do at home without any equipment.

Set your kitchen timers and perform each exercise straight through for 1 full minute.


1) Warm up with JUMPING JACKS.

If jumping is too much on the knees, slow it down and step it out one foot at a time then step it back in.



If balance isn’t your strong suit, hold onto a kitchen chair or the arm rest of a couch. If you are feeling strong, try adding plyometric jumps. I can already feel the burn.


3) Grab 2 filled water bottles and use them as light weights. With one in each hand, bring the arms over for TRICEP PRESSES. For an added challenge, try it on your toes with heels lifted.


4) Drop it to the floor for some PLANKS. You can hold a standard plank for the full time or jazz it up with a controlled body rock forward and back, or alternating shoulder taps. If you dread planks, try it with your knees on the ground, you will still get that core shaking.


5) While on the ground, flip it onto your back for BRIDGES. With feet planted on the floor, pick those hips up to the ceiling. Is this too easy? Opt for single leg bridges.


In five minutes you just hit some main muscle groups! Didn’t break a sweat though? Repeat this series 2-3 more times. Quick and easy work out done in the luxury of your own home, no excuses!