I have been an owner and a Pilates Instructor for 20 years! I recently had laberal/hip surgery to sew up two tears.   The doctor wanted me to go to physical therapy the very next day.  I arrived at the PT clinic and paid my $30 co pay, anxious to get started.  I was there for a half hour, and had the PT’s undivided attention.   But as time went on, you see less and less of  the Pt and more of their assistant, and most of the time you do the exercises on your own. 

So in that case, why not spend the $35 for a half hour Pilates session? Here, the instructors are highly educated, experienced, and laser-focused on your individualized fitness goals and necessary rehabilitation.  The atmosphere is fun, warm and we work together as a team to make sure you walk out feeling your absolute best!

Try your co pay at Stretchwny@gmail.com