Spring Fever Got You Feeling Good?

For all of you Game of Thrones fans out there, you are familiar with the term “Winter is coming.” This phrase typically brings a feeling of terror and panic. I feel this way while watching the show and even more so when people say it in October right before the first snowfall. On the contrary, when we hear “Spring is coming,” we jump for joy and celebrate those 40 degree days by absorbing every ounce of sunlight we can. This, my friends, is what we call Spring Fever.

With daylight lasting longer, energy levels tend to rise. You hopefully do not feel groggy around 4pm when the sun used to set. So what can you do with all of this extra energy?



Try that new spin class you’ve been eyeing all winter! Most fitness studios will offer spring promotions to encourage you to step through their doors. Even if you find a class was not a perfect fit for you, you probably just burned 350-600 calories, so who could not love that?



Do you want to run a 5K, half marathon, or even a full marathon (for our ambitious readers out there) YOU CAN DO IT! The nicer weather will prompt you to tie up those laces and get your bodies outdoors. The brisk air is even good for your lungs and will challenge your cardiovascular system. If running is not your forte, a simple walk around the block will do the trick



Living in Western New York has taught me one important lesson… Mother Nature has quite the sense of humor. 60 degree sunny days will turn to 30 and rainy the next. Maintain that positive demeanor that is not weather dependent. Happiness lies within you and not the sunshine. So on those cooler days, snuggle up with your favorite book and exercise your mind. It is okay to give your body a rest!