Pilates for dancers (…and non-dancers!)

but we hear that a lot, right? Pilates is for dancers, or by dancers, or something…what’s the deal with Pilates and dancers?

Pilates is a compatible practice for dancers because of the many elements in Pilates that echo those in established dance techniques. Elements like your whole body! – but probably more specifically, your spine and your “core” (anything that’s not your arms and legs).  Additionally, dance by design is a not only a full-body experience, but also a full-direction experience: bending down, reaching up, twisting around, rolling in, unrolling out, standing, kneeling, sitting, lying down – shall I go on? 🙂

Not to mention the cross-training that Pilates provide for technically trained dancers.  The demands of ballet and modern technique take a toll on the body and Pilates provides a means to try and level the proverbial playing field with the exertion that is required in developing and refining technical dance genres.  This means that you’ll dance better, dance longer, and dance SMARTER! For you non-dancers, the good news is that Pilates means that you will move better, move longer, and mover SMARTER!

Admittedly, despite Pilates approaching its 100th anniversary, it remains an emerging resource for many in their fitness and wellness regimens and quantified data and research about the benefits of Pilates can be tricky to find.  Fortunately, we are confident that the only evidence you’ll need is how good you feel, so make your appointment today!