How Pilates Benefited My Future

If you were to ask me what my future plans were for myself six years ago when I first began college, being a Pilates instructor was not a first, second or even third thought in my mind. I had this idea I would graduate with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy by the age of 24. Well, here I am at 24 without that degree, but I would not trade these past few years for anything in the world.


During my senior year of college, I was instructed to find a health or fitness related internship and spend 480 hours of my time there, no pressure. I heard about a local Pilates studio and decided to try it out without any knowledge about what Pilates is. Like everyone else, I thought it was a cooler name for yoga. The positive and healing energies I felt walking through the door left me feeling optimistic about my choices. During my 480 hours, I learned the Pilates principles and once I felt comfortable, I applied them through various exercises to our clientele.


Long story short, I loved my role as an instructor and ended up working here for the next few years after being rejected from multiple physical therapy programs. I decided to not let this discourage me, and in fact take my passion and current knowledge of rehabilitation and apply it to Pilates. With all of this hands-on experience, I began to feel comfortable helping out with clients with more “difficult” issues opposed to those that came in for a hard-core workout. After a few years working here after graduating, I finally got accepted into Physical Therapy school and I am more confident than I would have been entering that program years ago all due to my Pilates experience.