Why You Should Pick Group Fitness Classes

Why You Should Pick Group Fitness Classes


The idea of working out alone can be scary, why on earth would you choose to put yourself on display in front of total strangers? Here are a few reasons why group classes may be the way to go!


1) Competition

Yes, I went there. If you were home alone holding a plank, what is motivating you to hold it for another 10 seconds when everything is shaking and burning? Watching your peers and striving not to drop before them always helps me get an extra few seconds in that I would not have achieved by myself.


2) Socializing

One way I stay in touch with my friends with our crazy work schedules is finding a group fitness class we can both attend. Having a friend nearby will not only make the workout fly by, but it also holds you more accountable for coming to class! Woo-Hoo.


3) Socializing, wait did I already say that?

YES! Another approach to joining a group fitness class is to meet new people. My heart rate would rise tremendously when I would go to class not knowing anyone there and the instructor says “Find a partner.” I commend instructors that do this because it forces everyone to step out of their comfort zone. You never know, that random partner may become one of your best friends, or even a future fitness buddy.



At our studio, each instructor loves teaching the group classes! The energy is upbeat and it is time for our girls to let loose. Everyone feels   comfortable, relaxed and someone is always laughing (except when we are doing killer ab exercises.)


All in all, group classes may be out of your comfort zone, but it is totally worth it!